About Our Boys

Let's hear it for our boys!

Whether they are crazy about sport or hooked on computers, like doing nothing or have loads of energy, we need to try to understand where they are coming from, enjoy their liveliness, appreciate their sense of humour, recognise their need for excitement, and above all see them as individuals and valuable members of society.

We have quite a way to go. Sadly, boys with a spirit of adventure are often thought of as trouble and, despite the many great things boys get up to individually, young males as a whole don't have a good name. All too often younger boys are seen as a nuisance while teenage boys are seen as a threat.

It's time to change this. Whether it is at home, in school or in our neighbourhood, adults need to engage positively with boys. If we make our boys feel valued, respected and part of the community, then they, in turn, are likely to value and respect their community, and grow into responsible citizens and loving husbands and fathers.

Lucinda Neall

Lucinda Neall

What can we as individuals do to bring out the best in our boys and help them grow into confident, responsible and caring young men?

Lucinda Neall's books and workshops offer practical strategies to bring out the best in boys by focusing on:

Channelling boys' energy

Boundaries and discipline

Humour and playfulness

How to avoid nagging and shouting

Improving emotional literacy

What men can teach boys